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  • This mod allows you to edit the world around you on a larger scale.


    It is recommended to have /debug on at all times while using WEdit. Although WEdit will function fine without enabling the debug mode, vital information can only be seen with this mode enabled.
    If /debug does not work for you, manually set allowAdminCommandsFromAnyone to true in your /storage/starbound.config.

    To use any of the features WEdit offers, you must first obtain all WEdit Tools.
    Both to obtain and use any of the tools, the dash tech must be active on your character, so make sure you have the this tech equipped.


    Obtaining the Tools
    * Craft the WE_ItemBox from your crafting menu (C by default).
    * Use the crafted or spawned item box outside of your inventory.
    * This will give you a bunch of items. If your inventory is full, the items will be dropped on the ground.

    Using the Tools
    By holding one of the WEdit tools, you can access the corresponding feature. The usage of each feature is described in the Features section of the Wiki ( ). Generally, the left and right mouse buttons (primary fire and alt fire) are used to activate the tools.

    The main releases of WEdit modify the dash tech script; this means you need the dash tech active on your character to use WEdit. This also makes WEdit incompatible with other dash tech mods.
    If you'd like to use such mods together, please refer to the 'Using a different tech' section on the overview linked below.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. King In the Red End
    "I was building a bunker and found this mod... and"
    Pros - Exellent mod for building!
    Cons - There could be some bugs. find out the wiki or overview pages.
    Backups are required to save your world!!
    ....and WOW!!
    I usually build things by using only vanilla system. Thats means /spawnitem command and build things one by one.(I dont even use unclip)
    Then someone who came to my server(while single playing) told me about this mod, that WEdit will make everythings much easier, only if you know how to use it.
    So I tried the mod and found that what I built passed 3 days long could take only 1 days or less. oh my lost times!!(Well, actually it was fun while building. that worth it)

    Anyway, if you are planning to build something large, then this is the mod for you. The mod will make your building plans much faster then ever.

    Just make sure you read the linked overview and wiki pages to make sure you don't loose something by using it by wrong way. Backups recommended!!
  2. Pohany
    "The most necessary mod!"
    Thank you kindly!
  3. Blue Horizon
    "super shitty"
    Pros - there are none
    Cons - everything is a god damn failure the box doesnt work the blocks dont work just nothing works
    the mod doesnt work in general please fix it and if i try the box what button is it?!?!?!?
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    1. Silverfeelin
      If you're not going to read the installation and usage instructions before being an arrogant prick, I don't feel any need to help you. GitHub contains everything you need.