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  • Starbound Wardrobe is a mod that uses the Quickbar to add a wardrobe interface to the matter manipulator upgrade panel, for easy access. It focuses on making it easy for users to dress up their character by selecting items, and immediately showing a preview of what these items look like on their character.




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Recent User Reviews

  1. Xoc330
    "Awesome Mod"
    Love everything about it, but how do you save custom outfits?
  2. Jamzee
    "Made my character"
    Pros - This mod allowed me to create my own outfit. Not custom, but colored. Those outfits where it would look good in another color can finally be correcter.
    Cons - The thing almost crashes your game if you have stuff on already,
    I created my character jam, and he had a bland design, but when i downloaded this and actually colored some tuff to my fitting, uncle jam was born.
  3. FKBot
    "Works Great!"
    Pros - -Easy to use/understand
    -Includes Colouring
    -Preview of Costume aviable
    Cons - -May Lag to some People
    Orginally got this from the Starbound Workshop and it's so great, you can use it always, easy to use and saves alot of time!