Mod [V2] B.L.O.B Mod

  • It's been a very short time since the first iteration of this mod! But in that short time, I realised that this mod doesn't add anything worth downloading... And so, I have added:

    - Custom dialogue
    - That's pretty much it

    However, that is enough to actually give this mod that special something. The specific personality this SAIL dewd has is extremely optimistic, sometimes annoyingly so. You will find out the rest by playing with the mod. In case you ever wanted to wake up to my face, I made this mod to change every race's SAIL screen to me! It even looks like a real SAIL too! This was taken from my currently error-riddled race mod, which introduced (no prizes for guessing what), which I may continue if I can be bothered.

    So anyways, just like my other mods (and every other one on the internet) you simply have to:

    1. Drag the entire uncompressed folder into your Starbound's mod folder.

    Yep. That should be all! If you have any, (ahem) queries... Please refer to the FAQ! Enjoy!

    Your friend, Blob, aka Quantum Crab.
  • Q: Woah! This sounds awesome! Does it work for all races?
    A: Why yes it does Jimmy! This mod only works for the main one's however, so any modded races will go about their day like normal.

    Q: Does it work in multiplayer?
    A: Well, I certainly hope so... It only affects assets that are client-side, so it would make sense.

    Q: Can I use this in a modpack?
    A: Yeah! Let minnow if you do!

    Q: It doesn't work!
    1. That's not a question.
    2. You most likely didn't drag the right file into the mods folder, or you didn't uncompress it.

    Q: What inspired you to make this mod?
    A: Heh, well it's a funny story actually. It all started in the summer of '18...

    Q: What are you planning to add in the future?
    A: During the intro, the first 2 lines of dialogue that are independent to the radio message system. If I can find a way modify those too I will. Also, if possible, I will try and add more emotions.