Mod Tank vehicle controller

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  • Before using the mod you need :
    Degranon's vehicle animation mod:

    Obtain the vehicle controller in your crafting panel.
    (Player needs to be admin to access it)

    Two seats for this vehicle:
    - Gunner
    - Driver

    One drives while the other operates the cannon. The driver controls the cannon if the gunner isn't seated.

    Preview of the tank in-game:

    Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.09.06 PM.png
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Recent User Reviews

  1. shootyshooty
    "Absolutely astonishing."
    Pros - It's a custom, vanilla friendly tank in Starboumd. I'm at a loss of words to say beyond this.
    Cons - My potato unlimited phone-plan tethering internet chugs HARD when I get into it, sadly, so I can't fully experience the amazingness of this on a multiplayer server. Not going to dock stars because of that; that's entirely my fault.
    Just be sure to have half-decent internet before you try to hop into one of these in multiplayer, otherwise you'll practically regret existing with the amount of input lag you'll suffer.
  2. Xoc330
    "Kickass design, but..."
    Only downside I can really find is it doesn't do any damage, but otherwise great!
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    1. Holkjasl
      I updated, and it does do damage. :D
  3. TestamentEXE
    "The best way into my heart, tanks with big cannons"
    Pros - -It's a big tank with a huge cannon
    -Nice red paint job
    -Really big tank
    -Recoil gives it that "authentic" feel, which I love
    -Did I mention the huge cannon?
    Cons - -No other paint jobs (idk if that's pending or anything but this is mostly a nitpick)
    -Recoil isn't for everyone
    I saw some peep use this the other night, holy hell am I in love with this thing
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