Mod Stored Outfits

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  1. Dowan
    "good, but..."
    Pros - very convinient
    Cons - can be buggy
    it's good, but sadly it won't work for me for whatever reason, I cannot store any outfits
  2. Anella
    "my favourite mod of all time!"
    Pros - i can stored my outfit i love
    Cons - 1.3.2 cant use it anymore :(
    i have alot of stored outfit and i want it back but when i use stored outfit nothing happen my outfit just stuck in there ;-;
  3. DarkSeba
    "The mod is great... But..."
    Pros - You can save your things on it.
    Cons - Since 1.3 it doesn't work to me...
    Well. Since my starbound updated to 1.3 the mod doesn't work. I have the items and all but them doesn't work.

    Help :C

    Edit: I have the latest version of the mod.
    1. Silverfeelin
      Maybe you have another mod with an outdated version of the ItemInterfaces mod? Could you check your log for any errors?