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Download the latest release and unpack it into your mods folder:
/Starbound/mods/Sign Placer​
Download the Animated Signs generator by Silverfeelin.

Make sure you've stared numerating the signs from [0,0]. After finishing setting up your signs in the generator, press Create and Export button. Now, you have to save it inside Sign Placer mod.
Let's say you called the folder "My First Picture". After pressing Create and Export button, navigate to
/Starbound/mods/Sign Placer​
and put save your folder there. So the final path will look like
/Starbound/mods/Sign Placer/My First Picture​
Now launch Starbound.

In Starbound, open starting crafting menu (C by default) and craft Sign Placer: it's totally free!
Pressing Right Mouse button will open the User Interface, where you have to write the name of the folder you've put in the mod folder. In addition, you can select how many signs you want to generate (it is count from the bottom left corner). When you're set, press Accept. If you typed it right, "All done" message will appear. Close the window but don't put the item away.
Now you can see your future picture: colored green mean you can place signs here safely, the red warns you that signs won't spawn there. When you find your spot, simply press Left Mouse Button, and voila! Profit!

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