Tool Starbound Re-Colourer

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  • === This Item is for Windows Only ===
    This item was created using C# and was built for windows only. Feel free to run it with applications like Wine or Mono however, as its only a basic program.

    Starbound Re-Colourer

    This handy item will allow you to easily recolour items and objects to your desire!

    Once you load up a image, the easy interface and real time preview will allow you to easily and quickly recolour a picture. It will even produce the appropriate directive!


    • Image Loading
    • File Browser defaults to starbound unpacked files
    • Allows Hue Shifting
    • Easily edit colours with MS Paint like colour picker
    • Creates appropriate directive codes
    • Simple and easy to use



    Want the source to build?
    The source is currently not yet released. However, when the source is released, it will be on for easy collaboration.

Recent User Reviews

  1. AliceDaFox
    Very easy to use, simple design and works well - Thank you! :)
  2. Petrope
    "I loved it"
    Pros - All
    Cons - I did not find it
    I recommend. Very good, makes everything more beautiful.
  3. Anella
    "its really good mod!"
    Pros - every thing :D
    Cons - none ._.
    its really usful because your mod can let people blink + can cusom blink color or texture really useful mod :D