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    This is a super simple program that lets you monitor your Starbound log as it's constantly updated. You could actually use this program to monitor other text files if you want, but I primarily had set this up for Starbound. I think this is a preferable alternative to Notepad++ for it's simplicity and purpose.

    Features include:
    • A few preset directories where it'd be anticipated the Starbound log would be in the combo box dropdown.
    • Browsing for the file otherwise, if that's not an option.
    • The ability to quickly refresh and get an up-to-date version of the log.
    • The ability to autorefresh at specified intervals, which is given on the slider in 0.5 second increments.
    This program can be useful for quickly grabbing pieces of chatlog from a conversation to save later, or to show to someone else. It can also be useful if you're using potential mods that will print things to the log, so you can grab whatever is printed out there. It's also useful to track if your custom weapon is emitting any errors. If your weapon is giving off errors, everyone else can see the errors as well.

    The source code is included with this file as well, and you can view and modify it to your own intentions under the following license:

    Current known issues involve the program potentially taking up more CPU than necessary. I'm considering alternative ways to make the program a bit more efficient in how it updates itself.
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  1. Sp00kyGuy
    "Is good."
    It's a simple mod that does its job. Which is taking out alot of hassle with digging through Starbounds files and workings to find text logs and whatnot. So overall... Good mod!