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  • Are you tired of seeing the same regular instruments over and over? This revolutionary tool that basically does what the Hatter does will help with that!


    In all seriousness, the Hatter comes with some restrictions due to the weird implementation of frames, and the way directives are applied to them.
    This tool will allow you to easily create any instrument with a custom image up to 96x96, and more experienced modders may also use the output to work with custom drawables anywhere image directives are allowed.

    The dimension limit has been set to avoid needlessly big images that can cause lag for (other) players, but may be disabled by going to your console and writing 'avoidRestrictions = true;'.
  • Q: What do I do with this generated file?
    A: I recommend you import it using StarCheat. See

    Q: Why doesn't the tool work?
    A: I don't know, probably because you're using a bad browser. Try Chrome or Firefox!

    Q: How do I position the instrument?
    A: The instrument is positioned automatically. The center of your image will align with the red cross as illustrated on the page of the tool. The site also comes with a sample image for convenient use.

    Q: My item turns into a PGI, what do I do?
    Q: The image doesn't show up, what do I do?

    A: Either you're playing an older version of the game, or the game has updated, breaking the exploit used to accomplish this all. Your best bet is to report it and hope we find a new exploit.

    Q: Can you make me a ...?
    A: I made the tool, so you can make '...' yourself!

    Q: Isn't this the exact same as the Hatter?
    A: Yes and no. The exploit used to apply a custom image to a single existing image is the same. Although you could use the output of the Hatter on other textures, there are some variables which cause misalignment and other issues that aren't easily corrected manually.

    Q: How does the tool handle white colors?
    A: To apply the custom image, the source image has to be set to white first. This step is reverted after applying the image, which would remove white pixels in the resulting image. To work around this, white pixels are converted to 'near'-white pixels instead (#FEFEFE).

    Q: Will this lag my game?
    A: Although directives seem very optimized, there's still a lot of needless data involved to get custom drawables to work. With the size restrictions however, this shouldn't from an issue unless fifty people all equip a custom hat at the same time.

    Q: Why is there a size restriction?
    A: See the answer above.

    Q: Why is a part of my instrument missing/not positioned correctly?
    A: I believe this has been reported to be an issue in the nightly branch, which means a game update might've caused it. You also might be using an old hat, as a cropping issue has been resolved after the initial launch.

Recent User Reviews

  1. shootyshooty
    Pros - Yeah you can make instruments and crap but I prefer my invisible piano hands so I can play Africa by Toto on the piano at Port Lux. Also handy for playing the Jeopardy theme when you're waiting for somebody to rejoin.
    Cons - Absolutely nothing comes to mind.
  2. The Traveler
    "one thing was wonky"
    Pros - everything rocks
    Cons - couldnt get the piano to work
    i like how you can make everything,
    if only i could make a piano, lol
  3. QuantumCrab
    "Easy to use and brilliant results!"
    Pros - User Friendly, and Personalised Instruments.
    Cons - Can be fiddly.
    Can turn any image into any instrument! This could not be easier to use, allowing you to make silly, funny, or cool looking items! The only thing wrong with this is the fact that the instruments need to be in the right position, or they can look derpy... Aside from that, this is a great mod.