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  • Q: How do I get the hat in-game?
    A: The tool generates and prompts a download for an item export. StarCheat does a great job at allowing you to import these.

    Q: How do I position the hat?
    A: The hat is positioned automatically; it uses the same positioning as any vanilla hat. The site comes with some sample files that allow for easy alignment.

    Q: How does the tool handle white colors?
    A: To apply the custom image, the source image has to be set to white first. This step is reverted after applying the image, which would remove white pixels in the resulting image. To work around this, white pixels are converted to 'near'-white pixels instead (#FEFEFE).

    Q: I can't make a transparent image, what do I do?
    A: The tool comes with an option to ignore any white pixels in the source image (#FFFFFFFF). This will however not show on the preview.

    Q: Why does my hat turn into a PGI?
    A: Chucklefish has most likely rolled out an update that fixed (or broke) the exploit. If this is the case, your best bet is to wait until a new exploit is found. If this is not the case, you might have a mod or modified assets that breaks things.

    Q: Will this lag my game?
    A: Although directives seem very optimized, there's still a lot of needless data involved to get custom drawables to work. With the size restrictions however, this shouldn't from an issue unless fifty people all equip a custom hat at the same time.

    Q: Why is there a 43x43 and 43x86 restriction?
    A: See the answer above. On top of that, positioning drawables can also be very finicky. The restriction has been set to these dimensions as 43x43 is the default size for hats, and 43x86 allows for taller hats (which is what people most commonly suggested).

    Q: Why is a part of my hat missing/not positioned correctly?
    A: I believe this has been reported to be an issue in the nightly branch, which means a game update might've caused it. You also might be using an old hat, as a cropping issue has been resolved after the initial launch.
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