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  • Yes, I was bored.
    Yes, nobody asked for it.
    Yes, it's already outdated.
    Yes, it stinks.

    But you know what?

    I don't care.

    Replaces your ordinary loading logo with a brand old fidget spinner.
    Because why not.

    If you want to support my /good/ work and prevent this /stuff/ from happening, you can drop me a small fee here:
  • Q: - Why?
    A: - Why not?

Recent User Reviews

  1. QuantumCrab
    "As good as a mod like this is gonna get."
    Cons - Fidget Spinners
    I'd say a few more improvements to the spritework, such as shading, would make this mod!
    Apart from that, this is as good as a mod that changes your loading logo to a fidget spinner is gonna get.
  2. vovaaaaa5
    "Oh noo! xD"
    i did not think that i would take it again. xD 10/10
  3. Destiny9274
    "I've been spun..."
    Pros - Colorful Fidget.... Spinner
    Cons - Doesn't actually spin colorful webs
    ...spun like a record because of this wondrous product.
    Go get yurs today!

    May protect you from the cancerous old loading icon.

    Here ya go, I spun up a review.