Mod Spawnable Item Pack

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  1. shootyshooty
    "No longer will I have to use the Starbound wiki."
    Pros - Search for items and spawn them all in-game, as well as making light modifcations to them such as elemental type, level, color, and amount.. The ultimate cheating mod tied with Starcheat.
    Cons - No cons notable or nitpickable alike; it's truly a mandatory mod for those who have beaten the game more than enough times to justify cheating.
    Now I can search the name of my item, or use the browse-able categories section and spawn any item I could ever want easily peasily.
  2. Kirisis
    "Nearing perfection."
    Pros - -Easy to use
    -Smooth interface
    -No lag
    -Has basically everything
    Cons - -No place to input .json parameters
    -A few items crash you when you try to look at them, such as the shield generator switch
    It's nearly everything anyone could ever need. Simple enough to for anyone to use without any previous experience while still retaining a lot of functionality. Other than certain unused items crashing you if you click them, the only thing it needs is a place for you to type JSON code. It is already capable of editing the parameters of items you spawn, such as having items come pre-dyed or at different levels, so it would probably be possible, and quite useful, to have an input box where you type out JSON parameters. With this addition, this mod would be the perfect multi-tool, good for all purposes.
  3. Eazl
    YOU GUYS NEED GET IT!!:kappa::kappa:
  4. KingCDG
    "Amazingly Amazing."
    Pros - Able to spawn in things easily, compatible with quickbar mini, amazing.
    This mod is the tip of easy items. Spawning things in is very simple and quick and could be used on any server, whether your using it for building or anything else. This is a 5 star mod.
  5. Papa John
    "Mod of The Year"
    Pros - Great for uh... spawning stuff
    Cons - The hell is a con again?
    I use this mod a lot, great as opposed to leaving ILB, going into singleplayer, spawning the item with commands, and coming back in
  6. Caboodilacious
    "A Must-Have!"
    Pros - + Spawning items for building
    +Spawning items for clothing
    +Spawning items to save time
    +Spawning unobtainable items
    +Easy to use
    Cons - -Cant spawn weapons that are OP
    -Random common/uncommon/rare weapons are extremely hard to get right
    -Can't control a weapon's elemental attacks
    A must have for people who want a casual playthrough/doesn't have the time to grind/Making a character for RP!

    The interface makes it easy to find what you're looking for, especially with the search bar.

    Plus you can skip that damned core fragment quest with it!
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  7. Pearlpea
    "Excellent Mod!"
    Pros - Has everything you need to build something awesome
    Useful if you need a lot of blocks quickly.
    Great for decorating rooms!
    Cons - I think you fixed them all Silver..
    I use this mod all the time when I'm not doing story mode. Has excellent features, is nice and organized, very easy to use, and well done.

    This is probably one of my most used mods. Thanks for making it
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  8. firechicken23
    Pros - building is a dream

    no more quitting out of the game or complicated commands
    Cons - cant get it to work with the new release
    its a great mod, unparalleled in its usefulness.
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    1. Silverfeelin
      Please use the discussion thread for issues. Version 1.3.2 uses Quickbar Mini instead of Manipulated UI. You can still use the older version if you want.
  9. Don Falco
    Especially when you need building blocks on the go!
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  10. BobXilla
    "Useful if you like building. and everything else"
    This dosnt only give you Regular Vanilla items. You can get Vanilla Backgrounds, Special things like Smoke, Etc! Just to make that Extra amazingness on a build you made <3 But one thing. You can also get this on Steam Workshop, Along with the Manipulated UI to get this easier. This is an edit, Recently they added codexs. This is so useful!
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