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  1. Echo710
    "IGN 10/10"
    Pros - Simple easy-to use generator!
    Cons - No /spawnitem command insert, you have to use an item descriptor.
    No real option to change the sprite for the stall (online version only?)
    Pretty good! This makes sharing my custom weapons and such MUCH MUCH MORE EASIER!
    Anyways, time for the review. The shop generator provides an easy way to share items, and also provides a little showcase for what you have made. You can just toss one of these to your friends, and save the trouble of spawning each item in for them. It also lets your items spread easier! This can be both a pro and a con. It spreads items easier, but gives everyone access to your items, unless you break it right after. The people who bought something from the store could claim it was theirs, even thought it wasn't. People could also edit the weapon using mods, which could make it really broken / laggy. Other than that, this is clearly a great generator!
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  2. Notryan
    "just what I've been looking for"
    Pros - very helpful
    Cons - a bit boring to look at, but that's about it >w> b
    very nice mod, super helpful
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    1. Silverfeelin
  3. BobXilla
    I don't need to code the entire shop in. Just the items <3 So ill use Reddit Weapons and make a few things.
    1. Silverfeelin
      Make sure you give proper credit to the creators if it's not already in the item description!
  4. Unxie
    "IT makes things faster :3"
    Pros - Does what it promises !
    Cons - If it was an online page without need to download would be best :D but even like this its really handy!
    Amazing Silver hit again!
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