Outdated RemiTech 1.2.1

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  • Got bored, decided to make something for y'all.
    (This mod uses the Spike Sphere Tech, so it will not be compatible with any mod that uses that tech as well.)
    (Tech Functions 2 & 3 may need to be set through the Controls Menu)

    This mod includes a bunch of things that I think will be useful or fun.

    Special 1 => Target Blink (constantly teleports if cursor is close to player)
    Special 1 + UP => Toggle Sitting
    Special 1 + DOWN => Toggle Spike Sphere
    Special 2 + UP/DOWN => Resize Character
    Special 2 + RIGHT/LEFT => Rotate Character
    SHIFT + Special 2 => Reset Rotation and Size
    Special 3 => Toggle NoClip
    Double-Tap UP => Toggle Rainbow Hueshift
    Double-Tap DOWN => (If not on the ground) Ground-Pound
    Double-Tap SHIFT => Spawn Item From File

    Some Things to Note:
    • There is a file called "itemParameters.json" in the RemiTech:thumbs_down:.2 folder. You can edit that file with custom JSON parameters and save. You will not need to leave Starbound for the changes to update in-game. Double-Tap SHIFT to spawn in your item with all your customizations. (In some areas of the Bacons Server, this will not work properly because of ILB's policy of killing dropped items. Don't worry, this will work fine on your ship or any other planet.)
    • If you make changes to the file that are very small, like a single string edit or some number edits, then it won't pick up the change. If that's the case then you just type /reload in-game and it should work.
    • Teleporting while hueshift is active will make rainbow particles.
    • Resizing and hueshifting can be active at the same time but it can be laggy, so please be courteous.
    • The blink particles are customizable but only if you know the LUA syntax for particles.
    • You should not be able to use the ground smash while sitting or no-clipping.
    Finally, if you have any questions or concerns just PM me (Though I am very slow to respond because I have a life, sadly.) Also let me know through PM or in-game if anything in this mod does not work properly.

Recent User Reviews

  1. magmaiceearth
    "how to install"
    i need to know which folders go where
  2. P_2the_inni
    "I think its an amaaazing mod"
    Pros - You can recolor, resize, rotate,sit,noxlip,groundbound,blink,spawn items i probz missed 1
    Cons - To be honest, i csnt think of any
    Its a great mod it has so many different thigs you can do and well its perfect for editing like i have done
    #havent made it a murder tech
    You can edit features or just be amazed by it, because its great
    Great work keep it up Remi :3
  3. Olivander
    "Well then..."
    Pros - It's awesome when it works.
    Cons - It's a pain when it doesn't.
    My Remitech was put into starbound. I then tried to edit the ball speed and messed something up so when I tried to delete the mod it requested I have administrator access... now I have a file that I can't replace nor get rid of... nice!