Mod RemiMessager - Radio Message Interface - Windows 64bit

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  • Features:
    • Type into the Message box and press enter to send it.
    • Sending a message will close the interface, this is to prevent spam.
    • Sending a message with one of the players in the list selected will send a message only to them, you will also see what message you sent.
    • Sending a message without a player selected will broadcast the message to every player within 100 tiles.
    • The "Save Settings" button will save the portrait image path and sound path from the text boxes into your current player.
    • The "Load Settings" button will fill the text boxes with whatever is stored in your player.
    • Messages will use whatever portrait and sound effect is stored in your player; they will not use what is typed into the above text boxes. You must save an image and a sound effect to your player first, if you want them to be used in your message.
    • Portrait and sound will be set to a default if you do not have a portrait or sound saved in your current player.
    • Your portrait will be previewed in the box next to the Save and Load buttons. It will update whenever you save or load message settings.
    • Messages are limited to 200 characters, and will not send if you put more than 200 characters in the text box.
    • Color codes are removed from the text when you send the message.
    • Messages are not anonymous. Your character's name will appear at the beginning of every message.

    • This mod is only compatible with the Windows 64bit version of Starbound. It will behave unpredictably if using the Windows 32bit version, or Mac or Linux versions.
    • Do not attempt to use errored or non-vanilla images, as well as errored or non-vanilla sound effects.
    • In some cases, radio messages will not show up if you are currently no-clipping with some mods. Do not repeatedly send a radio message if it does not appear while you are sitting or no-clipping.

Recent User Reviews

  1. shootyshooty
    "Radio messages, this time with a better interface!"
    Compared to the last radio mod uploaded to iLB, in my opinion; this is far superior. If you have seen my review on the other Radio Messages mod, you would've seen that I have given the mod a five star rating, so an improvement over that, is really something to be proud of.
  2. choochoo500
    Pros - Fun to use and looks cool
    Cons - None except the normal "Ironblade" problems. xD
    So This is what Remi Uses!
  3. Earthquake
    "Works well"
    Pros - I sent a message.
    Cons - Maybe add a message blocking option?
    !!!!! This thing actually got my character's custom hair in the portrait thing for once !!!!!1!!
    No more weird hair thing floating above or in the wrong place like Wardrobe Mod.