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Radio message mod for Starbound. This requires quickbar to work, currently I haven't implemented a different method.
This mod is for Starbound 1.3.4
You must be running the 64bit version of Starbound. If you're on windows and you run Starbound 32bit, the mod will behave unexpectedly. As for Mac or Linux users, I have not tested, but I have been told it seems to run all right on Mac versions.

This is just a re-upload, I'll add detailed directions later, for now, sorry but the mod should be self-explanatory.
If you want to use your own images, you have to know how to turn images into the image-path-directives format that Starbound uses.

Few Quick things:
- send a message with Enter in the chat box.
- sending a message will close the interface, this is to prevent spam.
- remember to unzip the mod to install it.
- For more details read the Usage.txt document that comes with the mod.

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Pros: A cool way to communicate
Cons: Doing portraits it's hard!
You can send a cool message to your friends and totally spook them!
can you please upload this on to the steam workshop?

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