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Readable Ancient Mod (RAM) is a mod that I threw together in a couple of hours. It has been done before, but I believe my approach to keep the font hard to read (you need to pay a bit of attention), yet understandable is slightly more unique than changing it to plain text.It is aimed to roleplay multiplayer servers, but feel free to add it to your collection, regardless of your objective.

This mod works best when used in conjunction with Rhaeloth's amazing "Translate to ancient language" mod ( ), so that you can both type ancient and understand what others type back at you without needing to go through tedious decyphering.

-This mod works in multiplayer servers, even if the server owner and other players do not have the mod installed.

-Only you will be able to see this font, unless other people also have the mod installed.

-The mod does NOT change the ancient runes located on sprites throught the game.

Have a great day, and hope you enjoy the mod!

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