Mod Radio Messages!

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    * with some limitations


    First of all, limitations:
    1. Contact list: the user can protect themselves from receiving any messages, or letting only their contacts to send them;
    2. ILoveBacons only*: doesn't work on singleplayer / not-supported servers.
    * the server part might be received if contacted Degranon in person.
    Current server with the mod available:
    New-Earth (Russian RolePlay server)
    3. The UI is too nice to be real, thanks BubbleJuice for that~

    Quick guide about how to set up a custom image:

    Special thanks to Cloudydays for the Template (keep the empty gaps in mind!)

    Maximum image size (and the best one) is 66 x 68
    Requires QuickBar Mini!
  • Q: But that was an April Joke, wasn't it?
    A: Well, April is almost over, so...

    Q: When I try to open the pane, the game crashes immediately.
    A: You must be trying to open it on singleplayer / server without the mod support. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to prevent you from crashing. We must assure you that your player character will not be corrupted after the break.

    Q: I can't find my friend in the list / not every player is shown on the list
    A: The mod is designed to be user-friendly and protected. Hence it will only work between users who have the mod installed; sending messages to every player is not supported.

    Q: I accidentally made a mistake in Options, and now I can't open it.
    A: Press the [​IMG] button to clear your options.

Recent User Reviews

  1. vandercure2
    Pros - It is a great mod. i think. but it crashes when i open it
    It is a great mod. i think. but it crashes when i open it. please help. i tried several times with uninstalling other mods. plz help
    1. Degranon
      I hope you read the info EXTREMELY CAREFULLY and already know, where you can and where can not use the mod
  2. shootyshooty
    "Great for pestering your friends in-game!"
    Pros - You can send radio messages to your friends and have custom portraits, what more could one want out of this?
    Cons - Sadly the good modder bois realized giving this power to everyone would be a mistake; so they limited it. Technically also a pro if you don't want to be spammed #15 Burger King Foot Lettuce radio messages but I had to write something here.
    What can I say besides what I wrote up there for the pros and 'cons' of this amazing mod? Get it, get artistic, and pester your friends with radio messages today!
  3. TheChattyRevolver
    Pros - Straightforward, simple to install and use
    Cons - UI could do with a little work, but that's the only real complaint I have
    All I got to say is that this mod could improve from how chat boxes are handed. Specifically how small the text box you type in is. It's a little uncomfortable to use. Otherwise, I rather enjoy this mod, what little use it ever gets from me. People don't talk to me, so.