Mod Quickbar Unlocker

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  • Unlocks the Ship Remote Control, Tech Panel and Mech Assembly interface, without having to be in admin mode.

    Requires Quickbar Mini or StardustLib.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. AmberFlame_YT
    "Good Mod"
    Pros - Its One Of The Only Mods I Use That I Can Use On A Server I Like
    Cons - I Use Starbound Unstable Because Of The Starup Crash Bug, SO i can't download this on steam. :(
    Never Got This Mod, Cant Download It
    1. Silverfeelin
  2. shootyshooty
    "Needed, necessary, and absolutely essential."
    Pros - Needed for every mod that requires this feature, obviously.
    Cons - None; Chucklefish should've seen the mods requiring a quickbar potentially coming and had this in-game by default.
    Pretty much obliged to give it a five star due to how dependent I and many other people are on it; and not once has it failed me in doing what it does. Perfect mod necessary for anybody who wants to do even light modding to their game.
  3. Aelois
    "Very dandy, now that I think about it <3"
    Pros - Change tech on the go! :^)
    Cons - Doesn't let you join the darkside. :^(
    Switching around all your tech on the fly can be pretty useful if you run a lot of different ones c;

    Saves the chore of having to place a tech console yourself every time you want to use a different one =3= b