Mod Player Dances and Emotes

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  • > On iLoveBacons, this mod does not work on the protected Spawn HUB, it now works on the Port Lux RP Hub.

    When emotes are just not enough

    Ever looked at these happy dancing npcs and crying out jealously? So, worry no more!

    Express your feelings using this simple mod that allows you to dance, dance all night long, wave your hands warmly, comfort your friends... and many more!

    Depends on QuickBar Mini. Works fine on vanilla servers and with every race, mods included

    Moreover, if you feel like creating your own dances, you're just welcome! (if you know how to do it, you'll easily figure out how to add them to this mod).

    Happy New Year, Dancers!

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  1. Earthquake
    "Great! But is there a non-steam version?"
    1. Degranon
  2. Degranon
    "Perfect.. Just perfect"
    You already know that mod.
    Now Bacon finally removed the protections!