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    Mod by Kiato and Inferion.

    This mod allows you to spawn in customizable shield drones to help defend you from monsters or just to look cool. This mod can also be used on online multiplayer even if other players do not have the mod installed! Pretty cool eh? Just make sure that in your settings you have the "allow assets mismatch" checkbox set to true. This is a colaboration mod made by Inferion and me so we both deserve equal credit for its creation. If you have notices any bugs or have recommendations for what you think would make this mod even cooler maker sure to tell us .otherwise we woun't know! :(

    In order to acess the user interface needed to spawn in the drones you will need to download the mod "Quick Bar Mini" once you have downloaded that mod you will notice that the mater manipulator icon in your action bar has changed, go ahead and click it. From the menu you will notice an entry titiled "Drones Controller" go ahead and click it. After that the drones controller menu will appear! You can change the number of drones by adjusting the < and > arrows between the "spawn" and "despawn buttons". The sliders are for editing the drones orbit speed and orbit radius from your player. But you can also customize what your drones look like by entering your "image processing directives" (see for details) in the box at the bottom of the interface.

    Here is the code for the drones that I used in the pictures of the mod (copy everything in between the parenthesis and ctrl + v paste into the drone window in starbound): "?replace;6f2919=999999;a85636=c3c3c3;e0975c=e3e3e3;ffca8a=ffffff;735e3a=303030;a38d59=555555;d9c189=808080;f7e7b2=b5b5b5;fdd14d=99e2f3;fd8f4d=4e7e93;"

    Future changes:
    - Drone ai
    - Drones attack modes
    - Intuitive interface for customizing the drones appearance
    - Paussible balancing for 'legit' players
    - Better support for drawables

    - 5/5/18 Uploaded version 1.0


Recent User Reviews

  1. shootyshooty
    "Has science and technology gone too far?"
    Pros - Cool as hell, easy to implement your own custom drones in, and you can customize them when they you do spawn in.
    Cons - Waiting for the obligatory powergamer to take the drones and work them into making themselves practically invincible. Keeping EMP grenades close and ready for that day.
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  2. Isbjörn
    Pros - Fun customization
    A fun tool to play with
    Cons - Loud
    Not easy to disable
    Fun mod, not an essential, but definitely something worth playing around with.
  3. Earthquake
    Pros - Easy to use, looks good.
    Cons - Kind of loud. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Has great potential to become easy to use orbiter mod.
    +more drone types
    +colouring IG
    and maybe an /assetmissing.png type thing to add for custom drone images.