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PakFS is an application that utilizes the Windows Projected File System feature to display pak files as if they're folders on your computer, without having to unpack them first.

With the asset unpacker, it can take minutes to unpack files before you can browse through the assets and open the files you're looking for. With PakFS, it's a matter of seconds to open and browse pak files, all in the File Explorer you're already familiar with.



More information can be found on the GitHub repository:

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Pros: Another great tool! The asset unpacker was good, but I feel that this works much better for beginners and people unfamiliar with how .pak files work. It most likely has uses outside of starbound modding as well, which is a HUGE plus!
Cons: Well. There's definitely one thing to point out.
There's people who will beg for a way to unpack assets from mods, More often than not, those are the people who would rather steal assets from said mods, rather than anything else. It's important that it's noted on the mod's info page not to use this for stealing mod assets for use in another mod, without the creator's permission.
Can't say much! The pros and cons speak a lot about this tool already.
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Pros: good for new guys and well me cuz i have no clue how this trash works

Cons: you cant install it it just sends you to an error 404 page
My bad, the URL ended with "Releases" instead of "releases". I set it on my phone so I just typed it in myself. Changing it now, thanks!
aight thanks

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