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    Optimizebound aims to improve your game performance without any noticeable quality loss. To achieve this I've used PNGGauntlet, a png lossless compression tool, to optimize all png files found within the 'assets.pak' file. The most noticeable improvement you will notice is a faster chunk loading, to the point that it almost won't be noticeable, also, it may reduce microstutterings and give a small FPS boost.
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  1. Kolintei
    Pros - I Don't Know
    Cons - I Cant Use The Mod Because I Don't Use Steam, Could You Get The Owner To Make A Downloadable Version?
    I Cant Use It
  2. Isbjörn
    "Begone you annoying chunk loads!"
    Pros - Reduces chunk loading considerably
    no noticeable quality loss
    Cons - takes a while to download
    I have a decently high speed computer but chunk loads are still a problem for me. I downloaded this and it fixed it for the most part