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    Description from Steam: This mod allows you to use every instrument with only one hand.

    Finally you can fight epic battles with one hand while playing epic music with the other one!

    WARNING: Do not use two instruments simultaneously! That is bugged and causes problems in MP servers to other players as well, that could lead to moderation action.

    Works with Starbound 1.3.3

    Alternative download link: Non-Steam Version
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  1. Wanderer
    "It hurts my ears"
    Help please help its so loud
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  2. Gaster
    ❄☟✌☠ ☞⚐☼ ❄☟✋ ✌✌☪✋☠☝ ⚐
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  3. shootyshooty
    "Don't try an electric guitar one-handed IRL."
    Pros - Great for making instruments one-handed without having to use the RexMeck item editors to do the deed.
    Cons - Nothing really, but you have to manually make instruments two-handed again if you want to have a two-handed guitar, for example.
    Don't try to play an electric guitar one-handed in real life; it just doesn't work out. Do it in Starbound, with this mod.
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