Mod Non-Lethal Fall Damage

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    Description from Steam:Changes fall damage so that it never reduces you below 1 hp. This makes it unable to kill you, but still dangerous as a long enough fall will make it so any further damage from anything will kill you if you don't heal yourself quickly.

    This mod alters player_primary.lua, a very important file. As .lua files cannot be patched, this mod will be unfortunately incompatible with any other mod that alters player_primary.lua.
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  1. shootyshooty
    "Despite the hubs on iLB disabling damage..."
    ...this is a really good mod, especially if you've already beaten the game as many times as most people have before turning to roleplaying, (or if you've entirely skipped it and went on to just roleplay) or if you simply just don't like getting unlucky one-hit splatted from a dumb move. Simple, but that's really all it needs to be.
  2. Isbjörn
    "Simple and Useful"
    Pros - Removes a major damage source, useful for RP.
    Can make the game more casual.
    Cons - Wish there was a way to disable the mod without uninstalling, for actual survival gameplay.
    Useful mod to have as an RPer. Would definitely recommend.
  3. TeaMidas
    "What I was searching for."
    Pros - Incredibly calming, because you do not have to fear the edges.
    Cons - Nothing is wrong.
    I have some hundreds of hours on Starbound and nothing upsets me like dying like a dumbass because I slipped off the edge. This mod is amazing because while falling is dangerous because a monster can finish you, you still have a chance to survive.
    And I don't see anything wrong with non lethal fall damage, because it isn't even relevant to the game, just simply annoying. This mod is just really great.
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