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  • Like Starboy, but older.

    Welcome: SOLITAIRE!

    A small game console with never out-dating cames.
    Spawn a Cartridge Box in the default crafting menu, buy a console and a cartridge; insert the cartridge into the console by pressing Right Mouse Button while hovering the cartridge above the console.

    Works on vanilla servers!

    Current games: Tetris, Snake, Chess, Minesweeper, Solitaire

    Many thanks to BubbleJuice for the amazing artwork!

    Inspired by

Recent User Reviews

  1. Isbjörn
    "Brilliant Execution"
    Pros - Amazing Passtime
    Good Textures
    No bugs that I've found
    Cons - No arcade cabinets, ( jk i love this mod )
    I thoroughly enjoy this modpack because it allows me to do more minigames like this, if possible it'd be hella cool to have arcade cabinet objects with these same functions.
  2. shootyshooty
    "Video games inside of a video game."
    Pros - Playing Tetris while you wait for somebody to reconnect to the server, or just to pass the time in general.
    Cons - I lost a giant 74 block-long snake in Snake because my game froze up on me. :(
    R.I.P. the 74 block-long snake I lost that day, but real talk, this is amazing. Also I beat my friend in Chess which was cool, he quit out of the game before I put his king into check.
  3. vovaaaaa5
    Necessary thing if you have nothing to do.