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  • Like Starboy, but older.

    Welcome: CHESS!

    A small game console with never out-dating cames.
    Spawn a Cartridge Box in the default crafting menu, buy a console and a cartridge; insert the cartridge into the console by pressing Right Mouse Button while hovering the cartridge above the console.

    Works on vanilla servers!


    Up: Rotate block
    Down: Harddrop block
    Left / Right: Move block
    Spacebar: Pause


    Arrow keys: Turn snake
    Spacebar: Pause

    Many thanks to BubbleJuice for the amazing artwork!

    Inspired by

Recent User Reviews

  1. shootyshooty
    "Video games inside of a video game."
    Pros - Playing Tetris while you wait for somebody to reconnect to the server, or just to pass the time in general.
    Cons - I lost a giant 74 block-long snake in Snake because my game froze up on me. :(
    R.I.P. the 74 block-long snake I lost that day, but real talk, this is amazing. Also I beat my friend in Chess which was cool, he quit out of the game before I put his king into check.
  2. vovaaaaa5
    Necessary thing if you have nothing to do.
  3. Sock_Bunny
    "Awesome :D"
    Very good :D