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MultiBound - Starbound Profile Launcher
MultiBound allows you to set up separate profiles/"instances" with different saves, mod loadouts, etc.; perfect for separating your Frackin' Universe and non-FU saves, or what have you.

How to use
Just extract the zip in its own folder somewhere, edit multibound.config with your starbound.exe location if you installed it somewhere other than the default location, and run MultiBound.exe.

( tested on Manjaro; your package names may be different! )

  • Make sure you have mono and gtk-sharp-3 installed in your package manager
  • Extract the zip in its own folder somewhere
  • Edit multibound.config, pointing starboundPath to your
    • (for example, mine is at /home/zetaprime/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/linux/
  • mono MultiBound.exe and enjoy!

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