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This mod server-side features are compatible while playing on our Starbound server!

More info about planets, moons, and some other system bodies.
Information about the objects on the surface of planets. No more long and fruitless search for the desired settlement.
And even some information about asteroid fields.
For FU users: now this mod shows information about the presence on the planet precursor and elder underground microdungeons, it also shows approximate depth on which they are located. Yay!

Compatible with any mods that not modify navigation console(cockpit.config, cockpitview.lua), but there is still a chance that they will be compatible - try to find out.

Planned futures:
- Add info about summary enviromental threat of the planet - DONE.
- Add info about hazards (radiation, heat, etc) presenting on the planet - DONE.
- Add info about surface biomes presenting on the planet - DONE.
- Make galactic map more informative - DONE.

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