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    Adds a new UI to the Quickbar (from either StardustLib or Quickbar Mini) that allows changing the items currently active in the tool slots, including the MM slot (which can only accept other MMs added by mods).
    This is effectively a re-done version of my old Essentials Swapper mod, which had this feature, but was poorly presented and implemented.

    The UI also comes packed with features for changing the radius and alt-radius of the MM and paint tool, as well as toggling liquid collection. These features are also shown in the Matter Manipulator Manipulator mod, which I borrowed small amounts of code from.
    In comparison with MMM, this UI allows changing the essentials slots and is more compact and nicer to look at, though it doesn't have the block collection toggle and paint tool palette features.

    Additional notes:
    - You can't swap out slots you haven't unlocked yet, and you can't change the scan slot until it's been upgraded to scan mode.
    - Modded Matter Manipulators placed in the MM slot can be upgraded separately from the vanilla MM
    - Consumables placed in the tool slots will still show after using the last one, but become unusable and will disappear when taking them out.
    - Compatible with Frackin' Races racial manipulators
    - Will not conflict with FU's version of the UI. The only difference is you'll also be able to access it from the Quickbar instead of the Personal Tricorder. If FU's version updates and this does not, then the Tricorder will give FU's UI and the Quickbar will give this UI

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    "looks good but..."
    is there a download that isn't on steam? Edit: nevermind it was posted by the baconbot sorry.