Mod LuAnimator v4

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  1. Meka6600
    "This is gud"
    I can do many sorts of stuff with this thing.
    You're absolute genuise deg (And silver)
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  2. Hanged King
    "Quite Useful"
    Pros - Extremely useful thing.
    Cons - None of 'em
    Nice piece of code!
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  3. Cloudydays
    "Absolutely brilliant."
    Pros - - Allows full character customization surpassing even the pants generator
    - Allows for sounds to be added, improving immersion
    - Easy to use and install
    Cons - - Positions have to be manually changed as opposed to typing in the coordinates
    I've been using this since the original crasberry mod, and have stuck to it to this day. It's a wonderful mod for anyone who wishes to show off their spriting ability for more than just weapons and armor. With the new additions such as sounds and multiple forms, it truly surpasses any other form of character customization.
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    1. Degranon
      You are able to type coordinates in the latest version, check it out!
  4. Mors0
    "A must have mod."
    Pros - If you like making custom sprites for your character this mod is what you need.
    Cons - There are minor problems easy fixed by how you animate stuff.
    A really helpful mod for people who are interested in making custom sprites for their characters. If your tired of using vanilla characters this mod is for you.
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  5. TigerEyes
    Thats really cool! :D
  6. Aelois
    "Animated. Hair. MHMMM."
    Cons - I don't care. Literally. Too good. Pls.
    Well you see.

    I always liked spriting hair.

    Then I made them pants!


    No idle animation! This frustrated me to no end! While I stand around doing nothing, I don't look pretty! What a struggle!

    -this is the answer to my shy prayers =3= b
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    1. Degranon
      shhhhh, I made it only to have some nice animated hair from ya!
  7. Degranon
    Pros - Modes
    Cons - Modes
    Modes modesmodes
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  8. Isbjörn
    "A Necessity"
    Amazing way to allow players to stretch their dreams beyond a mere outfit. I couldn't live without it <3
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  9. Pewpew
    "Lovely work"
    Animations like what can be provided in this will help RP quite a bit. :3
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  10. Umena
    "Another great work from another great modder"
    Pros - Almost unbeatable. Easiest way of animating your creations.
    Cons - My hand hurts from drawing so much!
    Thanks to this mod, i was able to bring a fully animated robot into Starbound drawn frame by frame by myself. It is a long process to make all the drawings, but once it is completed, the results are incredible. Features some extra animations that were not here on the first version, as well as an extended canvas to draw your creation.

    On top of that, you no longer need to hold an item to start the animation! It's been put into a tech so you don't even need to make an invisible character or give up one hand slot to be your character, allowing for even further creativity.

    It has no real cons, just one perfect tool to roleplay as whatever you want to be.

    I encourage everyone to try it out, the effort is worth it!
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