Mod LuAnimator v4

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  1. SwiftRevolver
    "Please, bring this to Mac OS"
    Pros - When I got it going, it does as promised <3
    Cons - Corrupted Characters and no Mac Support
    Aside from a few instances where Luanimator seemed to cause a character corruption on some of my files, the thing works just as promised. I mc'fuggin' love it, corruption and all. I just wish the actual setup can be used for Mac. I had to send my sprites to someone willing to make me an animation before I could use it in game. If there's anyway to get this beaut working for Mac Users like us, please.
    1. Degranon
      Well, that's something new.
      Could you describe how these "curroptions" happens, what triggers them?
      The only possible option I could think of is uninstalling the mod without reading the FAQ properly
  2. Leodrakes
    "Good but....."
    Pros - It can be used for Role play and so on
    Cons - It lags yourself and others within range from my experience
    The concept of this is alright but it's the fact that it lags, that is a massive annoyance for everyone(including the user), which is a big problem possibly for the server you're on too overloading it's CPU or something long those lines, It most likely just needs more work
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    1. Degranon
      Don't even dream about it.
  3. Meka6600
    "This is gud"
    I can do many sorts of stuff with this thing.
    You're absolute genuise deg (And silver)
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  4. Hanged King
    "Quite Useful"
    Pros - Extremely useful thing.
    Cons - None of 'em
    Nice piece of code!
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  5. Lemonz
    "Good tool!"
    Pros - - Allows completely customized sprites in place of the player
    - Easy(ish) to understand
    - Vanilla compatible
    Cons - - Can't zoom or type in exact positioning coordinates, making consistent positioning a bit of a pain
    - Can't load from an existing luanimation.JSON file, meaning in order to modify an existing one you need to start from scratch.
    It's a great tool, especially for roleplay or just for fun, but there are always things that can be improved. Most importantly the lack of loading. Please try to add a loading feature...!
    I absolutely hate having to start from scratch in order to modify an animation...
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  6. Cloudydays
    "Absolutely brilliant."
    Pros - - Allows full character customization surpassing even the pants generator
    - Allows for sounds to be added, improving immersion
    - Easy to use and install
    Cons - - Positions have to be manually changed as opposed to typing in the coordinates
    I've been using this since the original crasberry mod, and have stuck to it to this day. It's a wonderful mod for anyone who wishes to show off their spriting ability for more than just weapons and armor. With the new additions such as sounds and multiple forms, it truly surpasses any other form of character customization.
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    1. Degranon
      You are able to type coordinates in the latest version, check it out!
  7. Mors0
    "A must have mod."
    Pros - If you like making custom sprites for your character this mod is what you need.
    Cons - There are minor problems easy fixed by how you animate stuff.
    A really helpful mod for people who are interested in making custom sprites for their characters. If your tired of using vanilla characters this mod is for you.
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  8. DarkFlow
    "Awesome and helpfull but..."
    Pros - Modes,Emotes, everything about it!
    Cons - Why. Cant. I. Zoom. And. Why. Its. So. Frustrating. To. Drag. Texture. On. Deg's. Head.
    Dragging this damn animated hair and selecting a position with this, is the most frustrating thing evah ;-;
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    1. Degranon
      Will add the position manipulation along with a more accurate positioning. Which sucks if you ask me
  9. Original Meembird
    "I'm sorry."
    Pros - -everything
    Cons - -if you even press backspace, it crashes.
    I'm sorry, degranon. this update is wonderful but i've lost it 3 times over losing everything from pressing Backspace on accident. fix as soon as you possibly could, please.
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    1. Degranon
      I pressed backspace million times without any crash. Please provide us with the information how to reproduce the bug so I can look into it.

      (You silly man who writes about it in the review and gives marks because of it)
  10. TigerEyes
    Thats really cool! :D