Tool LuAnimator - Drawable animations using Lua

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  1. Jofing
    "Hmmm! Dat sh*t's good!"
    Pros - looks nice kek
    The only thing I would like to add is the ability to set custom emotions so a wider variety of animations is possible, otherwise its exactly what i need :p
  2. ⧸Reptiloid_Teknofit⧸
    Easy and simple in use programm.{1f44d}
  3. acrotomi
    "I like!"
    Pros - You can play as a cat!
    Cons - It takes a long time to make...
    Please make a mod like the Crasberry mod but with a cat! :D
    1. Silverfeelin
      I made a video that shows how it's done in under two minutes. Saying it takes long just means you haven't tried it out enough to fully understand what you're doing. I suggest you read the long overview page, and let me know if things are still unclear in the discussion thread!