Mod Lootbox Replacement for Rewardbag

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  • Have you thought Reward Bags don't make much sense because such big items fit in thoose little bags? Do you love the feature of gaming, lootboxes?


    Replaces the Reward Bag (including the special one) to a Lootbox. Not acctualy requires money to open. May only include useless junk, just like in vanilla.
  • Q: What is this?
    A: Replaces the look, name and sound of the rewardbag.

    Q: Does it change anything?
    A: It adds a recipe for it to "craft" it for 1999 Pixels with your hands and makes the value 1999 Pixels.

    Q: So no changed drops?
    A: No.

    Q: Multiplayer Friendly?
    A: Shold be, but only you will be able to see the Lootbox, and when you open it other players can't hear it's sound.

    Q: Can you remove this from the Workshop?
    A: I can, but not emotinoally.

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  1. Pewpew
    Pros - Is best.
    Very rewarding.
    Cons - I'm out of money.
    This is the best possible mod in existence for starbound.