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Have you ever used your ships teleporter? I know I have!
Man, it's FAST, isn't it?

  1. Power on teleporter
  2. Open the very small menu
  3. Realize the menu can only show 4 bookmarks at a time
  4. Slowly scroll through the menu
  5. Press button
  6. End up back at your ship because the destination teleporter was moved
WOW! It's SO fast!

Contrast and compare to Lloyd's Beacon:
  1. Go to the teleporter store at the outpost and buy one
  2. Left click (with the beacon as your active item) to save your current location to the beacon item
  3. Right click (with the beacon as your active item) to return to that location
It's so primitive, there's no super small super slow annoying menu, because each individual beacon item can only hold 1 location!

The choice should be clear:

Use our slow, annoying-to-use, has a fee of 2,000 Pixels to move the teleporter, literally unmovable, giant bulky crappy teleporters, and...

Don't use the super fast, simple-to-use, tradable (each item holds its own bookmark data, so you can give them to your friends and enemies!), portable beacons...

P.S: If the beacon doesn't immediately work after buying it, unequip it and try again
P.P.S: Starbound doesn't have magic, read the descriptions for the in-game wands and staves. Blahblahblah

-=- Installation -=-
Macs and 64-bit Users: Ditch the "32b" file, use the "64b" file
32-bit Users: Ditch the "64b" file, use the "32b" file

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