Outdated Lewd hylotl sounds

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  • ...what am i doing with my life....

    OHH OHH OHH *More moans*.

    Get yourself this high tech amazing mod from the future, with this you will be set to beat this game!!!

    What does this amazing mod do, you ask?

    Wonna hear that female hylotl moan on impact, well now you can!
    With a few quick and easy click-arooonnis, you can hear all this amazing-ness

    only works on FEMALE hylotl's
    Thanks for the idea Lief, enjoy your memes


Recent User Reviews

  1. Physician
    "is this real?"
    Pros - I have my reasons
    Cons - my mom checks my mods everyday
    pretty sensational :)
  2. cuddlebum
    "Thank you!"
    Pros - Totally essential to the starbound experience
    Cons - I can't think of any.
    Amazing, just wonderful, keep up the good work.
  3. CaptainCynical
    Pros - got a weird boner
    Cons - got a weird boner
    why this exists i may never know