Mod Kostaja ship AI

  • I bet some of you are tired of hearing all these calculative quotes that your normal sail says every time when you're in a mission such as telling you your peril level and such. I plan to fix that with this mod.
    Featuring a character you do not know as the new ship AI with mostly new dialogue. Her lines can be dark sometimes but other times it can be genuine worry and concern.

    Use this SAIL at your own risk. (I kid, there are no risks with this mod)
  • Does this change all the dialogue?
    No, but it does change most of the dialogue to me that matters

    Is this mod similar to A.V.I.A.N?
    It bears a small similarity, but it's not that complicated as A.V.I.A.N is.

    Howto install mod?
    You download the ZIP file of the mod, move it to the Starbound Mods folder and unzip the file, make sure that it's in the correct location or it won't work.