Mod Infinity Jumps

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  • Pretty simple mod, honestly. It'll edit the multijump function to allow you to jump forever.

    If you do not know how to install it, well I'm glad you asked, Little Timmy. To install, just have any other multiplayer mod with a tech folder, unzip the compressed file you get, and just place the cool file, the one named jump, inside the tech folder. Congratulations, you win at life, Tim. HAHA JUST KIDDING! It's standalone now, Tim Tim. You're safe.
  • How do I install it?
    I'm glad you asked, Little Timmy. In the archaic days of this world, it was complicated, now just move the HyperJumps file to the mods folder, make sure you extract it, and take the extracted folder and put it in there, like you do.

    Are you real?
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  1. Kohi
    "Wow- Many jumps- Almost.. too many..."
    Pros - Much jump, all the jump!
    Cons - Will I ever stop jumping?.. I've been jumping for days now... I- Can't- Stop--
    Many jump. Would like to see another jump mod but maybe- Infinity plus one jumps? Infinity just isn't enough jumps anymore uwu Jump Jump
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    1. Kurzon
      I approve of your mindset, I see you too have the jumping addiction. Unfortunately, infinity plus one jumps is copyrighted already by a jumping company in Uzbekistan.
  2. Oniugnip
    "Could Improve a bit"
    Pros - Easy to use
    Cons - Has a bit of room for improvement
    I really liked this, inspired me to make my own jump mod :D
    Basically, what I meant by improvement is that you altered the multijump tech. The multijump jumps are too brief and small, imo, and improving the Pulse Jump itself would have been better. Still thought, simple, but good I guess!
    1. Kurzon
      I kept it small because they're unlimited, so making long jumps for me was less necessary than precise jumps :D
  3. Deatho
    "Kek mod"
    Pros - Infinite jumps only send you to space and beyond!
    Cons - Memes
    what a lovely mod to jump away from people
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    1. Kurzon