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Inferion's Modular Microsystems is a fully customizable tech mod designed with the end user in mind. It has many of the same functions as some of the popular techs out there, but with more customizable looks and effects.

There is a json file in the mod that controls the customization of all the effects. This mod includes a sit noclip, a classical noclip, a customized animated noclip, a customized teleport, size and rotation changing, customized passive particle effects, passive status effects, preset clothing, passive directives, and the ability to create multiple presets for all of the above.

The tech is added to your character automatically, but if it isn’t showing up type “/admin” and then “/maketechavailable mode” in your chat in single player

Control Scheme:
Special One: Teleport
Special One + W: Toggle Sit Noclip
Special One + S: Toggle Classic Noclip
Double Tap Space: Toggle Animated Noclip
Special Two + W: Increase Size
Special Two + S: Decrease Size
Special Two + A: Rotate Counterclockwise
Special Two + D: Rotate Clockwise
Special Two + Shift: Reset Size and Rotation
Special Three: Open Mode Changing Interface

An in-depth guide to the json customization is in the readMe file in the mod.

Planned Future Updates:
Vastly improve looks of mode changing interface.
Add icon to tech.
Change in game tech description.
Possibly make it easier to share modes with others.
Possibly make it easier to change the colors of animated back images.
Increase reliability on automatic tech enabling.
And whatever the community suggests!

Patch Notes:
1/6/19 - Fixed bug that overloaded logs when backAnimationDirectives parameter was too long

Latest reviews

A great mod. Comes with your normal package of fancy tech: Sitting, noClip, rotation, size change, etc. But the problem is that if you do any sort of loading with your character off screen any back vanity item completely disappears, and its really annoying. While its the only downside to the mod, the complete deletion of items for no reason is a pretty big deal.
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Max Bacon
Max Bacon
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Pros: Very user friendly, a lot of variation to this mod with the many customizable features.
Cons: None that I can see.
Would give more stars if I could.
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i also found the easter egg in the files tho

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