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  • Inferion's Orbiters

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    This mod will allow you to create orbiting bodies around you.
    Once the tech is equipped, they will always be active. To deactivate, equip a different tech.
    To enable the tech, go to singleplayer, make sure you have typed /admin.
    Type the command /maketechavailable orbiters and they will appear in your tech console.


    Customizable orbiter image
    Customizable orbit speed
    Customizable rotation
    Customizable hueshift
    And much more (kinda)!

    Extra Notes

    You can edit parameters for the orbiters, like how fast they move and what image they display.
    Edit the JSON file at mods/Inferion's Orbiters/tech/dash/ to change parameters.
    To entirely remove the rotation or hueshift, set rotationSpeed and hueshiftSpeed to 0.


    Downloads removed due to lag


    If you find any bugs contact me on discord as Kallikalev#1280


    Update 1.0: First release
    Update 1.1: added rotation, hueshift, and fullbright parameters

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  1. Artist_Nau
    "Thanks you so mcuh !"
    U make me can be more powerful :)
    I made "stardust" effect hehe...

    Thanks you again !
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  2. Dowan
    "good, but..."
    Pros - easy install, works, looks nice
    Cons - unsure how to actually alter the image
    Looks good, works good, but as I said, I can't figure out how to change the image, granted, I am dumb
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  3. Mizzeki
    Hello spawn lags..
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