• (7 second gif of how swimming is changed)

    The vanilla Starbound swim physics works like this:
    - Move player down, constantly, no matter what.
    - Press SPACE to skyrocket like 5 blocks up, or 198 blocks if you have the Swim Boost buff or augment.

    This mod replaces those physics with new ones! They work like this:
    - Press UP to swim up
    - Press LEFT to swim left
    - Press RIGHT to swim right
    - Press DOWN to swim down
    - Hold JUMP and swim towards the surface of the liquid to jump out of it

    The player character will automatically begin to swim when the water is up to their chest.

    If you join a multiplayer server with this mod installed, and the server does not have this mod installed, only you will be effected by this mod.

    0.1% of computers with this mod installed have violently exploded.
    Crouching while in a 2-block deep pool makes you swim.

    Swim faster! REALLY faster! (v6)
    Character now swims like 9 times faster!
    Swim Boost effects increase swim speed by 0.2%!

    Doing a triple backflip then meowing in real life while Starbound is running no longer detonates your computer with the force of an atomic bomb.

    Attempting to 3D print an item in Starbound no longer prints the item in the real world.

    Swim in MORE than water! (v7)
    The player can now swim in:
    Erchius Liquid Fuel
    Posion Liquid
    Ruin Blood
    Healing Water
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Isbjörn
    "Realism 10/10, Usefulness 7/10"
    Pros - Great realistic swimming effects.
    Great for RP.
    Cons - Not ideal for singleplayer/campaign playthroughs.
    A great and useful mod if you're an RPer, however, if you're not an RP you'd likely find this mod confusing or annoying.
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  2. King In the Red End
    "New variation for swimming"
    Pros - Now you got another choice for swimming!
    its always good to have a new variations! works well with penguins too!(My pros)
    Cons - You can't 'walk or jump' underwater grounds anymore.
    swimming up & down speed is slower then the vanilla. for left and right? its fast yeah.
    Its a great mod of giving players a choice of swimming!!

    if you want character A as vanilla swim and B as moded one, you have to delete the mod when playing A. there is no switching.
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  3. Papyrus
    "Great addition to the variety!"
    Amazing mod! Love it. Hope more people check it out..[​IMG]
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