Mod Hearts Single Ghost Mode Mod

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  • Made this mod a while ago. basically, pressing G will make your character slowing turn into a ghost!
    This was more made for people asking me how I created it, I dont intend to see it actually being used by itself.
    Uses the dash tech.

    Exactly like this video, but you dont go completly invisible.
  • Q. Why?
    A. Why not?

    Q. Doesnt work.
    A. You probably installed it wrong

    Q. Spagetti Coding.
    A. Asshole.

    Q. I want to use <Insert mod here> with this mod.
    A. Learn to add things to mods then. I wont be helping you.

    Q. Can you add <Insert stupid or non-stupid feature here>?
    A. No, I will most likely not updte this mod

    Q. This breaks Starbound immersion!
    A. Cool :)

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  1. Pooop
    Very good!