Outdated Hearts big ol' (Server-Allowed) Modpack

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  • Behold!


    More images to come!

    What's included?
    New Main Menu! (Shown above)
    New Splash / Start-up screen!
    Re-textured blocks and items!

    Small fixes to the original game!
    Changed sounds!
    UI Changes!
    More Realistic Space!

    Changes to species!
    Extended GUI's

    Cool heart badge on Main Menu! :,)

    At the current moment, I have added Textures from RETEX, and have gained permission to use this.

    Link to Retex, made by Cgeta

    This could be called a modpack or a mod, as its one file, but adds alot of stuff

    Many things are to be changed as well, so don't get comfy with it
    This removes the Chucklefish logo, do not complain about this, I support them as the creators of Starbound, but I still feel that the opening DOES NOT need a Chucklefish Logo.
    Any messages about this will be removed.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Nope Too Fast
    "It's okay."
    Pros - It does the stuff you expect it to do
    Cons - But it doesn't do AS MUCH of the stuff you expect it to do.
    It's not that great and mostly just a combination of other mods that are okay(?) for multiplayer, as well, with some ILB graphics thrown in.
    1. Heart
      if you have any ideas to make the modpack better, feel free to tell me your ideas :)
  2. Sky Feather
    Pros - Everything but the chatbox
    Cons - The chatbox
    I like everything. The chat box is too big for me though. I play on windowed mode so it covers a quarter of the screen.
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