Mod HD weapons and Vehicle Animation

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  1. williamcll
    Pros - It's more fun than drawable weapons
    Cons - the fact I need a mod means distribution is really limited
    You don't know how long I was looking for a mod like this.

    Also, many thanks for the discord support you've given me.
  2. shootyshooty
    "My handgun is no longer the size of a rifle!"
    Pros - Ease of use, just get RexMeck's item editor, slap a "scale" perimeter, and a number you want to use to scale the item down, and you're good to go.
    Cons - It wouldn't be a Degranon mod with cons now, would it? Real talk, zero things wrong with this mod, not even any nitpicks to make.
    Install this mod now, if you too want your pistol to be the size of a pistol!
  3. SwiftRevolver
    "Make Starbound Weapons less ridiculously big."
    Pros - Easy, Instant Scaling of Weapons. No hassle at all.
    Cons - N/A
    From my experience with Rexmeck Item Editor Classic, Manipulated U.I., and a Mac OS, this thing works like a charm. Perfect for resizing detailed weapons, or just making SB's current sprites look a little less over encumbering. If there's anyway for ya'll beautiful people to show us how to make custom vehicle animations, please show!
    1. Degranon
      Also works on Mac OS ;)
  4. miked12
    "the best mod"
    Pros - do
    does it work for .object files?
    cause i tested it and it didnt work
    1. Degranon
      Why the hell should it work for object files?..
  5. Mors0
    "Its HD!"
    Pros - HD weapons <3
    Cons - Some people don't like HD weapons
    Really useful mod for non good spriters and good spriters it makes the weapon look better and its easy to use too.
  6. Mizzeki
    "Thank you Degranon!"
    This is a very useful mod and I benefit from it now I can draw in full and correct!!!
  7. Sparkbag!
    "Thanks Deg"
    Thanks for helping me make my dream personal item you're awesome.
  8. R3E3
    "dat quality"
    this quality