Mod HD weapons and Vehicle Animation

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  • Ladies and gentlemen, today I introduce you a little mod that allows you to create HD weapons and custom vehicles!

    Enough talking, let us begin!

    I. Installation:

    1. First things first, you need to download the mod. To do this, simply press that shiny blue button:

    2. Download the .pak file from Dropbox. You can do it on your own now, big guy!

    3. Place the .pak file into your mods folder:


    II. Usage:

    1. HD weapons.

    To make your weapon look smaller and in high resolution you add a new parameter for it: "scale".
    Then you change it in a range [- 1.2, 1.2] ((means that you can set it to any float number from - 1.2 to 1.2 included)).

    It must look like that:

    And voila! Your weapon now is small and pretty looking!
    "scale": 0.7


    To make the mod work you HAVE to use transformationGroups in your item.
    They're presented almost everywhere by default, but if you use Silverfeelin's Drawables Generator, make sure that you checked "Add 'weapon' group" option, this is necessary!

    ???Optional things to note???

    1. You can add "scalingCenter" parameter that will specify the.. um.. scailing center?
    If not set, rotationCenter of the transformationGroup will be used.
    2. You can set "scale" as a table: "scale": 0.7 is equal to "scale": [0.7, 0.7]. Yes, you can change your x and y parameters separately by using [xScale, yScale] instead of Scale!

    3. !New!

    Now you are able to specify each transformation Group scaling individually! (Useful for shrinking big weapons)
    This is being done by a new parameter: scaleTable. As a key you specify the name of the group and in values you do another table. Just have a look at the screenshot below and it'll be clear:


    If you don't specify one or more transformation group in scaleTable, omitted groups will have a default scaling. Optionally, if you have both scale and scaleTable, scale value will be applied for the groups you didn't add in scaleTable.

    2. Vehicle Custom Animations:

    In your vehicle controller you should add new parameter to customize your vehicle (hoverbike, boat, ballista, mech, jeep, railplatform (?)):

    Now that's easy: you create a table "vehicleParams"
    And put every parameter you need there.
    That's it!
    III. Little thing to note:

    The mod doesn't actually CHANGE the weapon / controller: it means that if you give your item / controller to the other player who doesn't have the mod, he'll get your huge drawable / vanilla vehicle.

    IV. Disclaimer:

    This is a mod made by your best friend, Degranon :>
    If you encounter any bugs (really? O_0) or come up with any suggestions, please let me know!

    And.. if you like the mod, please subscribe, give a like, make a repost, add to favorite..

    V. Donate a donut:
    If you enjoy the mod and feel like helping me to survive you can drop me some shiny coins here:
  • Future questions and immediate answers:

    A: Did you install it?

    Q: Yes!
    A: Are you sure?..

    Behold, I̲͎̦͉͘n̖̤̰̹̳͍͔c̳͔̱̙͔͜o̫͍͕͖͈̜͜m͍̤̭̹̖̞p̮̼ą̤t̩̣̝͈͔ͅị͙͉͚bi̸l̦̼̯͠ìt̖̼i̖̥͖͉̬es̱̹͚͖̘͈̮!

    Every mod that changes weapon.lua or vehiclecontroller.lua will be incompatible with the mod!
    A: Better?

    Q: I installed it, no more mods, but it doesn't work!
    A: Go rereread IMPORTANT stuff. I mean it, it's important.

    Q: Why [:thumbs_down:.2, 1.2]?

    • :thumbs_down:.2 < > 0 will flip your image and scale it afterwards
    • 0 < > 1 makes it smaller, use it.
    • 1 doesn't do anything
    • > 1 makes it bigger. I don't want to see huge spammy things on hub, thanks. Left you 1.2 only to make you feel like you're free.

    Q: Your way of speaking makes me feel that you count us, modders, as stupid children. We are number one!
    A: Mhmhmmh...
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  1. Stallion Senpai
    "Make Starbound Weapons less ridiculously big."
    Pros - Easy, Instant Scaling of Weapons. No hassle at all.
    Cons - N/A
    From my experience with Rexmeck Item Editor Classic, Manipulated U.I., and a Mac OS, this thing works like a charm. Perfect for resizing detailed weapons, or just making SB's current sprites look a little less over encumbering. If there's anyway for ya'll beautiful people to show us how to make custom vehicle animations, please show!
    1. Degranon
      Also works on Mac OS ;)
  2. miked12
    "the best mod"
    Pros - do
    does it work for .object files?
    cause i tested it and it didnt work
    1. Degranon
      Why the hell should it work for object files?..
  3. Mors0
    "Its HD!"
    Pros - HD weapons <3
    Cons - Some people don't like HD weapons
    Really useful mod for non good spriters and good spriters it makes the weapon look better and its easy to use too.