Mod Flatter Chested Clothing

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  • Long story short. I hate how boobs look in starbound. This is ment to change that and smooth out several of the female chest items. That's all it does. Yay.

    Should be server compatable and client side, it works like that for me.
    Any problems? Have an issue with how I sprited A or Z? Tell me, I did this in a day or so so there's bound to be less then stellar sprites in here somewhere, I'll re-do any of them when I have the time.
  • Q: Why
    A: Why not.

    Q: How ___ Sprite looks is horrible!
    A: OK I might fix it eventually.
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  1. Stallion Senpai
    "It does what it says"
    Pros - No more chest
    Cons - No more chest
    Works as advertised. Perfect for reverse traps
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