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    Browsing the internet, I found a lot of mods which made boobs bigger (Joy)
    So I decided that I was going to be a rebel and replace every one of those pesky boobs in the game with a heinous lack of boob.
    The mod works by replacing female outfit sprites with male ones, and doesn't alter your nude body or female-only outfits like dresses.

    Important note: This mod is not up to date. The mod should still work with the current version of Starbound, but a large portion of outfits following the mod's last update aren't going to be affected.

    I made this mod to be a topic minefield and humorous counter to all those freakish bust altering mods, BUT I haven't had any reason to keep this project up to date due to lack of downloads for it.
    If anyone does want an update, though, feel free to shoot me a pm and I'll try and pass a quick update, and if enough players want it, I'd be happy to provide an complete rework to the mod including custom spriting for incompatible outfits.

    Enjoy or don't enjoy.
    It gets the breast of us.​
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  1. Isbjörn
    "Great Concept, OK execution."
    Pros - Removes the obnoxious boobs.
    Simple enough function.
    Good concept.
    Cons - Quick hodgepodge creation.
    Not exactly pretty results.
    I feel like this mod has the potential to be great, however, in its current state, I find the textures more obnoxious than anything. I feel like the mod should actually have the female chest sprites redone to look more like the current Tshirt sprites so that they don't exaggerate the cleavage of the body sprites. I'd be willing to help with this as I do believe some of the current female chest sprites can be annoying. (ie: Apex uniforms) However, as it stands I'm likely not going to do continued play with this mod.
  2. shootyshooty
    "Does what it says on the tin."
    I mean, it's a mod that replaces all the female variants of clothes/armor with the 'male' versions, what with the lack of breasts and everything, as well as applying this same strategy to the humanoid bodies used. Though the fact this was made quite literally for the 'shock value' of defying mods that make breasts bigger make me question the creator of this mod's maturity considering with their explanation of the mod; they're making it less for a genuine, civil purpose and more as a 'TAKE THAT!', it's a mod that does what's advertised, and who knows, maybe you prefer your characters in Starbound with flat chests.
    1. Firewisplet
      Well somebody's gotta do it
  3. Bonky Boy
    "Why not???!!!"
    :) c h a r a c t e r