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  • // requirements, recommendations and compatibility //

    « requirements » Anything that's not a low-end PC, and enough know-how to equip the Distortion Sphere tech.
    « recommended specs » i5 or better with DDR3 RAM or better.
    « mod compatibility » Any mod that changes the Distortion Sphere tech script, including HazBagels' and Remi's mods, will be incompatible with fezVision. Mods that do not change Distortion Sphere are perfectly compatible, even if they change a different sphere tech (such as the Aqua Sphere).

    // installation //
    1. Drop the .pak into assets/.
    2. In single-player, equip the Distortion Sphere tech:
    /enabletech distortionsphere

    3. Press Walk [Shift] + Special 1 [F] to toggle eagle vision and Walk [Shift] + Up [W] + Special 1 [F] to toggle minimap vision. Special 1 [F] by itself still allows you to use the vanilla distortion sphere.
    4. Enjoy!

    // screenshots //

Recent User Reviews

  1. Isbjörn
    Pros - Interesting concept
    Simple enough to use.
    Cons - Practicality?
    An interesting concept to be sure, however, I have trouble seeing the practicality.
  2. Kalli
    "Much Good"
    Pros - Quite exquisite
    Cons - .pak instead of .zip means it takes more effort to edit
    Very yes much good laddie
    1. FezzedOne
      Well, ZIP makes the mod harder to install. There are definite tradeoffs to using PAK here, as you've noted, but since most people are here to *use* mods, I'd say that PAK is a fair tradeoff. Anyways, thanks for the review.