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    This mod is not made by me, credit goes to:

    Description from Steam: a new era of modding is here
    This mod introduces a brand new layer of unparalleled immersion and creativity to starbound by replacing 721 vanilla sprites with everyone's favorite TV chef, Ainsley Harriott. This replaces static and animated sprite sheets for entities including but not limited.

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  1. SwiftRevolver
    "improves on every aspect"
    Pros - it's fucking Ainsley Harriot
    Cons - n/a
    This mod adds so many new features to the game that I feel like the developers really should've added in from the beginning. Hours upon hours of more playtime, improved character models, and overall a much more immersive experience. Once installed, I've had trouble playing on vanilla starbound once again, as the experience felt sub-par in comparison to what's given here.
    The only complaint I could bring up is that it is rather taxing on my computer. I'm running it on an Asus ROG GX501 gaming laptop, but I always seem to get horrible frame rate drops during scripted events, especially the Ainsley Harriot Spider Boss fight.
    However, this is menial in comparison to what's provided.
    Well worth it.
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  2. Deatho
    Cons - what
    why has god abandoned us :^)
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  3. shootyshooty
    "This is absolutely fantastic but why does it exist"
    Pros - Ainsley Harriott.
    Cons - Whether what was mentioned above is a pro or con to you, and whether it being applied to everything is a pro or con to you, that's also up to you.
    Mods like these are bringing me back to the times at Gamebanana when people would make meme mods considering this is basically on the same level as them.
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