Mod Distortion Sphere Tweaks PLUS (1.2)

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    For Starbound 1.2
    May not be compatible with other mods, as other mods altering the same values or files can still overwrite these changes depending on the load order. See below for detailed compatibility info.
    -- This mod will NOT corrupt your saves. To uninstall, simply unsubscribe from the mod.

    A small collection of Distortion Sphere (a.k.a. Morph Ball) tweaks I put together...
    ...Some have asked if I could make my original mod compatible with various other dash/sphere/jump tech mods - I can't make it 'compatible' since these mods outright replace lua scripts and would conflict. But I can easily merge the mods into mine by compiling the changes in the various scripts all together into one mod. So here it is. Multiple tech mods 'rolled' into one! (see what I did there?)

    Comprehensive list of what's included:

    Sphere tweaks

    - Take no fall damage while actively using any distortion sphere! You'll still take fall damage if you hit the ground without being balled, making it more of a skill rather than a cheat. In case there's any confusion, just remember this: land in your balls, not on them! (McKaz Industries is not responsible for any harm caused by misinterpreting this generally common sense rule of thumb.)

    - All spheres (except spike) have increased movement speeds and jump heights, and can jump underwater (note: spike sphere can't be changed or else you wont stick to corners).

    - All spheres have reduced air friction, but contrary to Tyrannosaurus Hax's mod (which reduces both air and ground friction), I've increased ground friction. I found that with the increased sphere speeds, its too easy to fling yourself over edges by mistake. So I applied the brakes a bit so when you let go of the movement keys on the ground, you'll slow down quicker.

    - Sonic sphere is now sonic fast, except in water. Sonic sphere launch speed and jump height increased tho.

    - Aqua sphere is also sonic fast, but only in water. Now weightless underwater! Use the jump key to toggle submersion, and the movement keys to propel the sphere in any direction within liquids.

    Jump tweaks

    - Rocket Jump charges faster and goes farther.

    - Using Wall Jump allows you to double-jump again each time after clinging to a wall.

    Dash tweaks

    - Adds a new control for dash, sprint, and blink. You can still double-tap, but you can also now bind a new key called "Activate tech ability 2" (thanks to the mod "Extra Tech Key Binds" for enabling two additional keybinds that tech mods can be scripted to use - see that mod's description for how to include this in your mods).

    - Blink Dash goes farther, can be used mid-air, and has its cooldown reduced by half (50%).

    - Sprint uses less energy, and no longer blocks double-jumping or other movement abilities.

    Compatibility info:

    Files being patched in part:
    - /tech/dash/
    - /tech/dash/
    - /tech/distortionsphere/
    - /tech/distortionsphere/
    - /tech/distortionsphere/
    - /tech/distortionsphere/
    - /tech/jump/

    Files being overwritten in whole:
    - /tech/dash/blinkdash.lua
    - /tech/dash/dash.lua
    - /tech/dash/sprint.lua
    - /tech/distortionsphere/aquasphere.lua
    - /tech/distortionsphere/distortionsphere.lua
    - /tech/jump/walljump.lua

    Made possible and inspired by these mods:
    Improved Techs - by voltaage
    Freedom of Movement - by Tyrannosaurus Hax
    Better Dash (no more double tap) - by Darkblader24
    Extra Tech Key Binds by Turk

    Compliments from McKaz Industries.
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