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    Welcome to Cutebound, a mod aimed at giving the game a cute/anime feeling (somehow) and monster girls \o/

    Nealy everything i could rework have been reworked
    -races faces and bodies
    -probably things i forgot

    All have been changed for a more detailed and cuter appearance
    armors now look closer to the body for the female and mark a real visible difference with their male counterparts
    every armors or clothes (i think) that lacked a female version have one now

    With the help of HDoomGuy the avian have been changed to a harpie race too and i know this choice won't please everyone but i van guarantee you that they look great
    i'll add as much screenshot as i can to show them ingame and of course for other races too
    I hope you're not too attached to how every race looked before because you might get surprised

    All color choices have been reworked too for a more vibrant feeling and more choices


    Any mod that change species files or colors like colorbound (it can work but will cause some anomalies, mostly on harpies)
    any mod that modify sprites for armors, clothes or races
    Hair mods might work but must be tested
    I'll add more as i'll find any other incompatible mods
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Kumiko Oumae
    Pros - It's adorable and makes the game more visually appealing. Great work on the art it looks way more better than the original sprites.
    Cons - There's really no cons besides the armor mods but that's it.
    This mod stuck out to me because the artwork was so good so I had to install it onto my starbound game.
  2. waffelman
    Pros - replaces dat ugly sail
    Cons - none
    cutebound replaces many sprites in order to make starbound not ugly
  3. SanSanch
    "Good,no creepy Esther and old Protectorate"
    Installed this mod,no lags,no crashes,and no creepy Esther,of course.
    Like it.